Acupressure is one of the main ways of Chinese medicine treatment. Recently, Chen et al. developed a system on a smartphone to estimate and visualize acupoints on a human face. Users can use the position displayed on the phone to massage the acupuncture points directly. However, in some cases, such as hand acupoints, users can’t watch the screen and massage acupoints with a hand at the same time. In this paper, based on Chen's acupoint estimation method, we introduced a robot arm in our system to replace the manual massage to achieve an automatic massage system. In order to establish a conversion relationship between the robot arm and the camera, we use perspective transmission to achieve hand-eye calibration and combined with 3D printing technology to achieve higher precision. To solve the height error, we also used perspective transformation to correct the error. Finally, we build a portable, easy to operate and user-friendly system, so that users do not have to massage the acupuncture points themselves, and do not need to have the expertise of Chinese medicine first, just talk to the virtual doctor on the smartphone and place the part to be massaged in the massage area, and the system will automatically massage with the robot arm.


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