Research Project

Name Project Number Date Support
Using Mulit-homing to Realize Collaborative Bandwidth Sharing on Smart Phones102-2221-E-006 -143 -2012~2013NSC
Real-time wireless inundation monitoring and warning system101-2221-E-006 -198 -MY22011~2013NSC
Providing Incentives for Vehicle-based Mobile Surveillance101-2221-E-006 -232 -2011~2012NSC
Location Sensing: Incentive Mechanism100-2219-E-006 -005 -2010~2011NSC
Implementation of a Realistic Vehicular Network Simulator99-2220-E-006-023-2010~2011NSC
Improving the performance of DSRC for commercial services in vehicular networks98-2221-E-006-149-2009~2010NSC
Implementation of a Multihoming Mobile Router for Multimedia Communication on Public Transport97-2218-E-006-285-2008~2009NSC
Enabling Safety and Commercial Services over Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks97-2221-E-006-130-2008~2009NSC
Realistic Mobility Model Generation for Vehicular Ad-hoc Network Simulations96-2218-E-006-010-2007~2008NSC

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