An Implementation and Evaluation of a Mobile Hotspot


The unprecedented proliferation of wireless networking services and products has taken the notion of hotspots a step further to accommodate “mobile hotspots”. The deployment of hotspots in trains, ships, planes, buses etc. would certainly change the way we travel. These moving hotspots would potentially contain a large number of devices requiring global connectivity. In such situations employing one device namely a Mobile Router for the mobility management of the entire network would be a lucrative solution in terms of performance and costs. Such an architecture has been proposed and standardized by the IETF’s Network Mobility Working Group [1]. In this paper we present our implementation of a mobile hotspot using a Mobile Router architecture and give initial results on our performance study. Further we present our preliminary results of incorporating handoff and routing optimizations on our mobile hotspot.


Eranga Perera, Henrik Petander, Kun-chan Lan, and Aruna Seneviratne, "An Implementation and Evaluation of a Mobile Hotspot," in ACM WMASH 2005, September, 2005.


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