MOBNET: The Design and Implementation of a Network Mobility Testbed for NEMO Protocol


The inherent difficulty in faithfully modeling wireless channel characteristics in simulators has prompted researchers to build wireless network testbeds for realistic testing of protocols. While previous testbeds are mostly designed to provide a research environment of static wireless networks, our work is aimed to assess protocols used for mobile wireless networks (such as an on-board network on public transport vehicles). In this work, we describe our on-going efforts in designing and implementing a network mobility testbed for Network Mobility (NEMO) protocol. This paper attempts to provide an initial reference to identify the feature set necessary for a network mobility testbed.We first describe the architecture of our testbed. Next, we present some preliminary results to demonstrate the use of our testbed in evaluating the performance of NEMO protocol under different scenarios.


Kun-chan Lan, Eranga Perera, Henrik Petander, Christoph Dwertmann, Lavy Libman, and Mahbub Hassan, "MOBNET: The Design and Implementation of a Network Mobility Testbed," in IEEE LAN/MAN Workshop, September, 2005.


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