Localization of Acupoints on a Smartphone using Augmented Reality

Student: Yi-Zhang Chen

Adviser: Kun-chan Lan, Min-Chun Hu


Acupuncture therapy is one of the main modalities of treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Based on the different symptoms of the patient, needling or massaging is applied to the corresponding acupuncture points to relieve the symptoms. However, given that the large number of acupuncture points and the complexity of their specificity, it is difficult for one to remember the location and purpose of each acupuncture point without a period of professional training. In our system, through the use of argument reality, the acupuncture points will be displayed directly on the image of human body. Compared to the traditional acupoint probe devices that work by measuring the skin conductivity, our system does not require any additional hardware and is purely software-based. In the case of mild symptoms (e.g. headache, sleep disorder), with the aid of our proposed system, the patient can quickly locate the corresponding acupuncture points for the application of massage, and relieve his/her symptoms without the the help from TCM physicians. We proposed a new approach for acupoints estimation, human face is taken as an example in our work, we leverage the facial landmark points and the 3D morphable model (3DMM), and have shown the proposed sys- tem is capable of estimating acupoints on different face shapes with various input face angles, the system is shown to outperform the existing work by 180% in terms of estimation precision. A prototype system based on Android is also presented to demonstrate the application of real-life symptoms relief.


Prototype Demo


Yi-Zhang Chen, Corky Maigre, Min-Chun Hu, and Kun-Chan Lan. Localization of Acupoints using Augmented Reality. ACM Multimedia System Conference (MMSys'17)

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