Visualization and Application of the Associations between Diseases and Acupoints Based on Big Data Analysis

Student : Ying-Hsiu Lin

Adviser : Kun-chan Lan


The development of traditional Chinese medicine has been a complete treatment system, including herbal treatment, acupoint treatment, etc. In recent years, it has become more and more popular around the world. Acupoint treatment is to improve the flow of 'qi' in the meridians by stimulating acupuncture points to achieve therapeutic effects. The therapeutic effects of acupoint-treatment for some diseases have been confirmed in clinical medical experiments. Compared to take drugs, acupoint-treatment can effectively alleviate the disease without side effects. Therefore, the issue is worth discussed.

With the rapid development of data science, more and more people are trying to explore the field of big data. In our work, we collect data about acupoint-treatment from books of different factions and clinical research articles. We analyze the disease-acupoint correlation with the large amounts of these data, and visualize these connections to explore the meaning of visual graphics. Finally, we develop a chat robot for acupoint-treatment consultation. Users can ask about the acupoint-treatment of the disease through conversation.


Linebot Demo