Meditation Training with Multimodal Virtual Reality

Student: Che-Wei Lee

Adviser: Kun-chan Lan


Considerable scientific evidence show that practicing meditation has lots of advantages without any negative impact. But compared with sport, the number of meditation is far less than the number of sport. Because during or after the training of meditation, we do not notice significant changes such as perspiration or muscle ache after meditation. And it may seem boring in the training and take time to feel the effects. This is the reasons why the people don't do the meditation. In order to motivate people to do meditation exercise, the VR system are created that involves visual and tactile feedback. In Qigong, it takes a lot of time to feel "Qi". Most people will feel the heat after long-term training, so we use the heating pad to simulate the heat so that they can experience in advance. To be able to feel interesting during training, we added abdomen breathing visual feedback, breathing rate visual feedback, thermal feedback, and the user‘s facial model so that they can be more immersed and feel more fun in training.