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The paper entitled “Energy Saving of Body Sensor Networks using Cluster-based Approaches” has been accepted for presentation and publication at the 6th International Conference on Embedded and Multimedia Computing (EMC-11), Enshi, China. Congratulations to Professor Lan, Tzu-nung Wang, Chien-Ming Chou, and Mei-Wen Li!


The paper entitled “A Trace-based Feasibility Study of Infrastructure-less VoIP” has been accepted for presentation and publication at Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Academia Sinica, Taiwan. Congratulations to Professor Lan and Tsung-hsun Wu!


The paper entitled “Feasibility study of using FM radio for data transmission in a Vehicular Network” is accepted as a paper by the ICS International Conference on International Computer Symposium(ICS 2010 Paper), Tainan, Taiwan, December 16-18, 2010. Congratulations to Professor Lan and Mei Wen Li!

The paper entitled “Measuring the location of bio-sensing sensors” is accepted a paper by 6th Wireless Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks 2010 conference, Sep. 2-3, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan. Congratulations to Tsung-hsun Wu and Wen-Yuah Shih!


The paper entitled “A comparison of 802.11a and 802.11p for V-to-I communication: a measurement study” has been accepted for presentation and publication at DSRC 2010 in conjunction with QShine2010, Houston, Texas, USA, November 19, 2010. Congratulations to Professor Lan, Wei-Yen Lin and Mei-Wen Li!


The paper entitled “User-Centric Radio Power Control for Opportunistic Mountain Hiking Networks” is accepted as a poster by the 9th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks (IPSN 2010 Poster), Stockholm, Sweden, April 12-16, 2010. Congratulations to Professor Lan!