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The paper entitled "Using SmartPhone with Un-scaled Map for Indoor Localization" is accepted for  9th Annual IEEE Communications Society Conference on Sensor, Mesh and Ad Hoc Communications and Networks (SECON), 2012. Congratulations to Professor KUN-CHAN LAN, WEN-YUAH SHIH.


The paper entitled "A Trace-based Feasibility Study of Infrastructure-less VoIP," is accepted for Journal of Information Science and Engineering (JISE),  Vol. 28 , No. 4 , July 2012. Congratulations to Professor KUN-CHAN LAN.


The paper entitled "ESTIMATING STEP DISTANCE WITH A SMART PHONE" is accepted for  International Conference of Machine Learning and Cybernetics (ICMLC). Congratulations to Professor KUN-CHAN LAN, WEN-YUAH SHIH.


The paper entitled "Estimating Step Distance Using Simple Harmonic Motion," is accepted for  2012 IEEE 75th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC2012-Spring), 6-9 May 2012, Yokohama, Japan. Congratulations to Professor KUN-CHAN LAN, WEN-YUAH SHIH.


The paper entitled "An Incentive-Based Framework for Vehicle-Based Mobile Sensing" is accepted for publication in SNIGM 2012. Congratulations to Professor Lan, Chien-Ming Chou, and Han-Yi Wang!