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The paper entitled "Effects of Driving Behavior on Vehicle Cluster Formation and Its Application" is accepted for Journal of IET Digital Library , september 2013. Congratulations to Professor Kun-chan Lan, Chien-Ming Chou, and Cheng-Yuan Li


The paper entitled "MetroNet: a disruption-tolerant approach for mobile downloads on metro systems," is accepted for Journal of Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies, July 2013. Congratulations to Professor Li-Ping Tung, Yi-Chao Chen, Kun-chan Lan, and Ling-Jyh Chen.


Professor Lan will be invited to “The 3rd IEEE International Workshop on Opportunistic Networking (WON 2014), in conjunction with AINA 2014” in Victoria, BC, Canada. May 13-16, 2014.


The paper entitled "Video Transmission over a Multi-homed Network" is accepted for the 2013 International Conference on Medical Innovation and Computing Service (MICS 2013). Congratulations to Professor Kun-Chan Lan, Chien-Ming Chou and Cheng-Yuan Li.


The paper entitled "On Using Lossy Compression for Automatic Sleep Staging" is accepted for the Wireless Health 2013 (WH2013). Congratulations to Professor Kun-Chan Lan.