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Professor Lan will be invited to serve on the technical program committee for 2016 the IEEE 1st International Conference on Connected Health: Applications, Systems and Engineering Technologies: CHASE-SEARCH 2016 (Safe, Energy-Aware, & Reliable Connected Health). 



The paper entitled "Implementation of a Wireless Sensor Network for Heart Rate Monitoring in a Senior Center" is accepted for Telemed J E Health, 3 Mar 2015. Congratulations to Huang JH, Su TY, Raknim P, Lan KC.


The manuscript entitled "Gait Monitoring for Early Neurological Disorder Detection Using Sensors in a Smartphone: Observation and Suggestion from a Case Study" is accepted for publication in the Telemedicine and e-Health, 13 Apr 2015. Congratulations to Professor Kun-chan Lan.


The journal entitled "Using Off-the-Shelf Lossy Compression for Wireless Home Sleep Staging" is accepted for publication in the Journal of Neuroscience Methods. Ref.: Ms. No. JNEUMETH-D-14-00248R2. 15 May 2015.
Congratulations to Kun-Chan Lan, Da-Wei Chang, Chih-En Kuo, Ming-Zhi Wei, Yu-Hung Li, Fu-Zen Shaw, Sheng-Fu Liang.