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Smart cloth project

Smart Cloth project (lab智慧衣)

Meeting time: Every Tuesday from 13.30 to 15.30
Room:  4217 (圖書室), CSIE  old building

Google drive link for upload your file


Order of talks

  • 09/07     Topic: "Electromyography (EMG)" present by 李冠毅 (Brown)
  • 09/12     Topic: "Use of uterine electromyography to diagnose term and preterm labor" present by 劉宇軒 (Jeff)
  • 09/19     Topic: "Intradermal Acupuncture on Shen-Men and Nei-Kuan Acupoints Improves Insomnia in Stroke Patients by Reducing the Sympathetic Nervous Activity: A Randomized Clinical Trial" present by Peter
  • 09/26     Topic: "Combining Nonlinear Adaptive Filtering and Signal Decomposition for Motion Artifact Removal in Wearable Photoplethysmography" present by Paweeya
  • 10/03     Topic: "Gesture recognition by instantaneous surface EMG image" present by Brown


Link for selecting Fall semester meeting schedule, please do it before 09/07, 13.00.