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The information and rules for new-coming students

Welcome you join LENS lab.
Here are some information and rules you need to know below:


Pease add 'lens.ncku' to your skype (please install skype on your lab computer
if you don't have) and please get your skype online when you are in the lab.

Using your SVN account to backup your work 

please put any slides/codes/documents that
you've written (including anything you did in the past)
into your SVN account.
This is for several purposes.
1. backup your work
2. version control of your work
3. for Prof. to check your work
4. for you to collaborate with the others
You can use any SVN client to access the SVN or just simply
follows what says on the website.

Weekly progress report

Every lab member needs to send weekly progress report to Prof.