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The list of required items for graduating students

It should contain the following folders in your CD

- thesis (final version of your thesis, both in school format and 2-column IEEE format, both in source file and pdf)
- slides (final version of your defense slides)
- codes (both software codes and hardware codes)
- data (data that can reproduce EVERY plots in your thesis, including 
all the raw data you've collected)
- photo (no hats): if your research work will be submitted to some journal  
lab (lab-related stuff that you were in charge  of ) 
graph: all the figures you plotted
Q/A report for Reviewers
- handover report

Format of Q/A report for Reviewers:

Q1:  <reviewer’s question>
A1:  <your answer>
Page ??  <where is in your thesis>
<copy-and-paste from your thesis that addresses Q1>

Format of handover report:

Fig 1      /data/A.xls   /program/prog1.py
Table 1  /data/B.doc  /program/compute.cpp
Total at least has 8 directories in CD.
this CD/DVD will be the requirement for me to sign your leaving for  
In addition, 
every folder should have a README file explaining the meaning of
every file in the folder. Also, the codes should be well-commented.