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For graduation students

[IMPORTANT]This is for people who are in the Master program.
1. You MUST graduate within 2.5 years. Fail to do them, I can
no longer advise you and you need to be transferred to another lab.
2. In order to make sure you can graduate in 2.5 years, you MUST
- create a draft for  your Related Work  chapter of your thesis in your 1st semester
- create a draft for your Methodology chapter in your 2nd semester
- finish all your experiments in your 3rd semester
3. If you want to graduate in the Fall semester, you dry run need to be completed
by the end of Nov; and your oral exam must be completed by the end of Dec.
If you want to graduate in the Spring semester, your dry run must be completed by the end of May and your oral exam must be completed by the end of June. Fail to meet these deadlines, you will then have to do graduate in the next semester.
To ensure your research results are genuine, our lab will have the following policy that would be strictly enforced:   
1. If you're caught manufacturing your results (i.e. making fake results), you will be asked to leave our lab. And the incident will be reported to CSIE學術&獎懲委員會   
2. if you're caught makgin fake results after you're graduated, we will inform NCKU authority about the incident and your degree will be cancelled and announced publicly. 
3. This policy will be applied to any research results you report to me  (i.e. for every research meeting , not just only for the oral exam)
[IMPORTANT] Check list for people who are graduating

Before I can sign you off, please make sure you've completed the following tasks
1. All the committee members are happy with your questions list and response letter (I should be CCed for confirmation)
2. you've 交接 your thesis project (I will participate the 交接)
3. you've 交接 your lab responsibility (I will participate the 交接)
4. your thesis writing is satisfactory, including
a. all the reviewers' comments are addressed
b. the storyline and logic are sensible
c. the structure is organized (i.e. follow the principle of 起承轉合)
d. contain sufficient details for reproducibility
e. The English and picture quality are readable (please create an IEEE version of your thesis, as I previously requested, so that I can check this)
5. you've returned all the lab assets (equipment, books, etc) you checked out You MUST complete all the above BEFORE the school deadline (e.g. end of Aug for this semester)


For those who are graduating:

To ensure your research results are  genuine, our lab will enforce the following policy. Each of you need to produces a handover form (see Roy's as an example), as part of your graduation document,  which details STEP-BY-STEP how to reproduce EVERY SINGLE graph and number appeared in your thesis. After you create such a form, you will need to execute your form in front of ME to reproduce every result in your thesis. I will not be able to sign you off if your fail to reproduce your results and I might report such an inconsistency to CSIE department and the result of your oral exam will be re-evaluated. Please take this note very seriously. Let me know if you have any question.


[TO-DOs after your oral exam]   

1. create a questions list (.doc)  based on the reviewers' questions during the exam. You should copy the reviewer's questions word-by-word into your list and NOT summarize them in your own way. All the reviewers' questions should be merged into the same .doc 

2. Email the list to the reviewers and discuss with me regarding how to address the questions AFTER the reviewers OK with your list.

3. work on the list   

4. Discuss with me to make sure I'm OK with your reply to reveiwers' questions

5. Once you're done with all your experiments for your thesis, I will check if every results (numbers, graphs, etc) you generated for your thesis are genuine and not fake (note that this might take a few days depending on how reproducible are your results)

6. Once I'm OK with your results, you can start finalizing your thesis

7. I will check your writings, such as if you have the right organization, if you include every experiment details,..., etc

8. Once I'm OK with your writing, you should find some Engilsh editor to proofread your thesis

9. I will check again your final version after your English has been proofread. If I'm OK with it, you can then go ahead and submit the thesis to NCKU library

10. Finally, you should prepare the handoff materials before you can sign you off.


as an example, this is Roy's Q/A lists

Note that each of these 10 steps will take time, so please carefully plan your time so that you can get everything done before your desired graduation date. No negotiation will be allowed for this TO-DOs. Please be prepared that the time after the oral exam WILL BE very likely one of the busiest times in your life if you've a planned graudation date.



[IMPORTANT] Your leaving date

For everyone who is graduating, if you have a specific date you MUST leave the lab,then you MUST discuss the date with me IN ADVANCE to get my consent about that particular date.If you do not do that, then it will be your own problem if I can't sign you off because you do not meet the requirements I've specified in my previous emails (and please do not give me whatever personal reasons why you have to leave on that particular date: if you want me to consider your conditions, you should have respected my words and consult with me first)


[IMPORTANT] Thesis writing

For those who plan to graduate, please note that following 1. there are differences in oral presentation and thesis writing.In oral defense, the main focus in on showing the novelty novelty of your work. For thesis writing, in addition to showing the novelty of your work, another important thing is completeness/reproducibility. That is, your thesis should contain sufficient details so that people who read your thesis can re-produce ALL your experiment results without talking to you. 2. Before submitting your thesis to the school library, in addition to preparing a version that follow school's required format, please also prepare another version that follows IEEE format https://www.ieee.org/publications_standards/publications/authors/author_templates.htm this is can be either in .doc or latex can will be used in case we want to publish your work after you graduate.


[IMPORTANT] 口委意見 and response letter

I'd like to remind everyone about the following, especially for those who have not done your oral exam. 1. the first thing after you finished your oral exam is to compile a list of questions (refer to my previous email for the format) raised by the oral committee members 2. Send the list to your oral committee members to confirm a. you do not miss any questions b. you clearly understand the questions 3. start to answer EVERY SINGLE QUESTION asked 4. after you finished all the questions, send it to me so that I can help you check if you do answer the questions 5. write a response letter which includes the questions and your answers 6. Send your response letter to all the committee members NOTE THAT I can sign you off for graduation IF AND ONLY IF 1. every committee members are happy with your answers 2. you've done all the lab 交接 with my agreement 3. you've submitted your CD (that have everything of your work,including codes, writings, etc) to me And be aware, THERE IS NO EXCEPTION for this policy (so please do not give me any personal reason for not being able to follow the above policy, because this policy has been carried out for the past 10 years in our lab and also for many other labs and I have no intention to break it!). It's a HARD RULE! In addition, for those who've finished your oral exam, please report your progress of answering the reviewers' questions EVERY DAY, so that I can track your progress to make sure you can graduate on time.

Thesis video

For those of you are graduating,your introductory video for your thesis should be put under https://lens.csie.ncku.edu.tw/index.php/members if you do not put it there, please do so!

For those who plan to graduate in this semester

please send me your graduation timeline including the following info 1. when you will finish all experiments 2. when you will finish your oral slides 3. when you will finish you thesis writing 4. when you plan to do your oral 5. when you plan to submit your thesis to school please make sure your schedule is practical and feasible (so that you can really execute it) as much as you can. I'll reject your schedule if I find it is not reasonable.

Dry run

BEFORE DRY RUN - announce the date of dry run - book a classroom for the dry run and announce the location - find someone to take the note - send the slides to everyone at least one day before the dry run - setup the video recording for the dry run - send your 5-min video link to everyone N THE DRY RUN - try to finish your talk in 45 min AFTER THE DRY RUN - store the recorded notes and video on the LENS server (Jason, please create a folder on the server for ths purpose) - prepare a response letter to answer all the questions raised in the dry run and email to everyone for confirmation

Things you MUST know if you plan to gradudate

Things you MUST know if you plan to gradudate


The list of required items for graduating students

It should contain the following folders in your CD

- thesis (final version of your thesis, both in school format and 2-column IEEE format, both in source file and pdf)
- slides (final version of your defense slides)
- codes (both software codes and hardware codes)
- data (data that can reproduce EVERY plots in your thesis, including

- all the raw data you've collected)
- photo ( no hats): if your research work will be submitted to some journal  
lab (lab-related stuff that you were in charge  of ) 
graph: all the figures you plotted   

Format of Q/A report for Reviewers:

Q1:  <reviewer’s question>
A1:  <your answer>
Page ??  <where is in your thesis>
<copy-and-paste from your thesis that addresses Q1>

Format of handover report:

Fig 1      /data/A.xls   /program/prog1.py
Table 1  /data/B.doc  /program/compute.cpp
Total at least has 8 directories in CD.
this CD/DVD will be the requirement for me to sign your leaving for  
In addition, 
every folder should have a README file explaining the meaning of
every file in the folder. Also, the codes should be well-commented.
About your English Writing
It's mandatory by our NCKU that your thesis needs to be written in English.
For those of you who are poor in English writing, please find an English editor to help
you revise your thesis. Note that, if you find a professional editor to do this, you
will need to pay the editing fee from your own pocket since this is due to your
own poor English skills (do NOT expect our lab will pay this for you! It's YOUR thesis)
Post your oral exam
- Right after the  exam, you should prepare a Q/A sheet lists
all the issues that have raised during your exam and email
the list to all your reviewers to confirm if you've correctly listed their questions
- Once the questions are confirmed, you should start working on the issues
listed in the Q/A (normally it takes 1-2 months after your exam). At the same time,
you should revise your thesis accordingly.
- After you've answered all the questions in Q/A list, you should send
the completed Q/A list together  with your final version of thesis to
all your reviewers for approval. You should make a link between
 answers in the Q/A and your thesis (i.e. refer your answers to which page
in your thesis)
- Only after all the reviewers approve your completed Q/A list, the signed
cover page of your thesis will be returned back to you for library submission.
Common mistakes when converting your thesis to IEEE 2-column format
1. Graph and  corresponding texts are too small to read
2. no unit for the x-axis or y-axis in your graph
3. inconsistent citation style (please check https://pitt.libguides.com/citationhelp)
What you need to do during the handover of your work
1. explain how to "re-do" your experiments (by referring to the
relevant sections in your thesis) especially for things which
are not described in your thesis
2. explain how to "re-generate" all the graphs in your thesis
by referring to the codes and relevant data
3. check out all the hardware you borrowed from the lab to the asset manager (and ask him/her to send me  a confirmation before I can sign your leave form)
How to invite your oral committee members:
1.  Create your research page under LENS server. e.g. https://lens.csie.ncku.edu.tw/~Wayne/. This page should contain a 5 min video that summarizes your research 
2. create a Google form used to check the committee members' time availability 
3. You should get a list of names from your advisor for the invitation 
4. The videos and Google form should be approved by your advisor BEFORE you send them to your committee 
5. The invitation should be NOT be sent as a group email. That's impolite!!
6. You should apply oral exam fees from our department

I may have mention this to some of you, but let me try to do it again. To graduate, oral slides and your thesis are two main things. Note that these two have totally different purposes. First of all, the audience of oral slides are professors while the readers of your thesis are mainly students. Second, the goal of oral slides is to show the novelty of your thesis, while the goal of the thesis is  for the scientific repeatiblity of your work (in other words, any student with no background should be able to follow the contents of your thesis to repeat all your experiment results without any trouble. Therefore, your thesis needs to cover every single details of your experiments, and it will be read more like a STEP-BY-STEP user guide/experiment logs). With that said, it normally will take about 10 time's more effort to write the thesis than to create the oral slides. So normally we will allow you to do the oral exam first before you have really filled in all the necessary details in your thesis. On the other hand, since your thesis is not really completely ready before your oral exam, it will take 1-2.5 months after your oral exam to get your thesis done at an acceptable level (NO ONE in the past have done it faster than one month even for our smartest/hardest-working student!)  That's why we strictly ask you to do your oral exam by mid-Dec if you want to graduate in fall semeter (and by mid-June if you want to graduate in spring semeter). In other words, you have to do your dry run at least one week BEFORE your oral exam date, and the oral exam date needs to be done at least 1.5 month BEFORE your expected graduation date.