Advanced Topics in Wireless Networking

Fall 2012, Room 4261, 09:10~12:00 Tuesday
Instructor: Kun-chan Lan
(this course is offered in English)


  • Targeting audience: graduate students who are interested in pursuing research in Sensor Network.
  • Aim: Introduction to and Wireless Sensor Network and their applications.
  • Nature of the course: Mostly based on paper discussion.


  • Wireless sensor network
  • Phone sensing

The aim of this course

  • Know what is Sensor Network
  • Familiarize with the typical research cycle
  • Know how to write and present your work in English

Recommended reading

  • If you don't have sufficient background, try to review the following books
  • Computer Networks: A Systems Approach (Morgan Kaufmann Series in Networking), 3rd Edition, Larry L. Peterson and Bruce S. Davie , ISBN 1-55860-833-8
  • Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach Featuring the Internet, 3rd Edition, James F. Kurose, Keith W. Ross, and Addison Wesley, ISBN 0-201-97699-4


Date Content Note                                
2012-09-17 Since Prof. is out of country now, the class will be cancelled in this week (9/18).  
2012-09-25 From the beginning of next week, the classroom is changed to 4261.  
2012-10-01 Please bring your laptop to attend tutorial class (TinyOs and sensor).  
Since install the running environment of android programming needed few hours (for download SDK), please install the requirement software before Tuesday (10/09). 
The slides and requirement software already put on the website. 
2012-10-12 The paper presentation will start on 23 October.  

Here are the grades for survey paper (out of 20% of the total credits):
Cosmo 14
Evan 15
Raponcel 15
Paweeya 19
Nguyen 15
Kevin 18
John 18

Since Prof. has a meeting in tomorrow morning,
the course starts at 10:10 AM. 
2012-12-24 Since Prof. has a project meeting tomorrow, the course will be cancelled.  





Prof. Kun-chan Lan
Office: Room 309 (East Block, Yun-Ping building, Kuang-Fu Campus)
Office hours: 11-12pm on Monday, 11-12pm on Wednesday, or by appointment via e-mail

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
TEL: +886 6 2757575 ext 62550


Jensen Office: Room 402 (East Block, Yun-Ping building, Kuang-Fu Campus)
Office hours: 14-16pm on Wednesday
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
TEL: 06-2757575 ext.62520 ext. 35


  • Have taken fundamental courses on data networks and know basic things from layer 3 and above
  • Know how TCP/IP network works and some basic networking terms
  • Some software skill such as Unix, C/C++, or experience with scripting language

Grading Policy

  • Paper review and presentation – 40%
  • Survey paper – 20%
  • Final project (40%)

Extra credit
         * Class participation
         * Up to 10%


  • week 1 (9/18) out for conference
  • week 2 (9/25) Administration issues
  • week 3 (10/2) Tutorial on TinyOS and sensors (Jensen)
  • week 4 (10/9) Tutorial on programming on Android phone (John)
  • week 5 (10/16) Introduction to Mobile Ad hoc Network
  • week 6 (10/23) Introduction to Sensor Network (I)
  • week 7 (10/30) Introduction to Sensor Network (II)
  • week 8 (11/6) Introduction to Vehicular Sensor Network (I)
  • week 9 (11/13) Tutorial on VANET simulation (Jensen)
  • week 10 (11/20) Introduction to Vehicular Sensor Network (II)
  • week 11 (11/27) Tutorial on EEG Sensing (Cosmo)
  • week 12 (12/4) Phone Sensing
  • week 13 (12/11) Sensor network and Cloud Computing
  • week 14 (12/18) Sensor Data Dissemination
  • Week 15 (12/25) Participatory Sensing
  • week 16 (1/1) School holiday
  • week 17 (1/8) Final Project demo

Lecture Slides

Paper Review

  • Pick 2 SensorNet-related papers that interest you from the reading list
  • The paper you review should be related to the survey paper you’re going to do
  • Send TA the list by the end of week 3 (10/2)
How to review a paper
  • What are the major issues addressed in the paper? Are these issues important?
  • Novelty and creativity of the paper?
  • Technical depth of the paper?
  • What are the strengths of the paper?
  • What are the weakness of the paper? Can you improve the paper?
  • Writing style and readability?
Evaluation of paper review
  • Do you describe the motivation of the paper?
  • Do you describe the methodology used in the paper?
  • Do you point out the strength of the paper?
  • Do you point out the weakness or limitations of the paper?
  • Is your presentation understandable?
Selected conferences for paper review
MobiSys 2011, 2012
Mobicom 2011, 2012
Sensys 2011, 2012
IPSN 2011, 2012
INFOCOM 2011, 2012
SIGCOMM 2011, 2012
Presentation order
Date Order Presenter Topic
2012-11-06 1 Paweeya Raknim A Reliable and Accurate Indoor Localization Method Using Phone Inertial Sensors
2012-11-06 2 Cosmo Using Dynamic WSNs in Smart Logistics for Fruits
2012-11-20 3 Kevin TriopusNet: Automating Wireless Sensor Network Deployment and Replacement in Pipeline Monitoring
2012-11-20 4 Tinh giang nguyen Improving Energy Efficiency of Wi-Fi Sensing on Smartphones (additional slides)
2012-12-04 5 John Automatic Tongue Diagnosis System
2012-12-04 6 Evan MARVEL: Multiple Antenna based Relative Vehicle Localizer
2012-12-11 7 Raponcel Abueg

AutoSense: Unobtrusively Wearable Sensor Suite for Inferring the Onset



  • Reading-based
  • 2 paper reviews from the reading list on the course web page

Survey paper
         * Write a survey paper form the list of topics given 
                  - Submit a 6-page, 10-pt-font, single-spaced report by the end of week 10
         * Topics for survey paper
                  - Phone Sensing
                  - Sensor Network for HealthCare
                  - Vehicular Sensor Network
         * Tips for writing survey paper
                 - Categorize first
                 - Should have at least 20 references


         * Individual project or group project (i.e. 1-2 persons per group)

         * At least 6-page, 10-pt-font, single-spaced report by the end of final week

Project Presentation
         * Each person will submit a project report
         * Each person will present your project work
         * The class and I will give you our feedback on the work

Topics for Term project
        * Phone Sensing
                - Display your brain-wave on the phone
                - Display the car sensor data on the phone
                - Tongue Diagnosis (中醫舌診) on the phone
                - Collaborative Trajectory sharing
                - Collaborative bandwidth sharing
        * If you want to do something other than the above topics
                - Send me proposal about what you want to do
                - Convince me it’s an interesting topic