Instructor: Kun-chan Lan
(this course is offered in English)


  • Targeting audience: graduate students who are interested in pursuing research in networking.
  • Aim: introduce the whole process of an experimental research cycle from problem identification, proposing solution, experiment design, to finally evaluate the proposed solutions in the simulations or emulation.
  • We will cover basic techniques in experimental design, measurements, modelling and simulations. A number of tools frequently used in network research will be introduced.


  • Measurement strategies and techniques
  • Principles of network modelling
  • Fundamental of experimental design and
  • erformance evaluation
  • A collection of network research tools
    • Measurement tool: ping, traceroute, iperf
    • Collection tool: tcpdump, ethereal
    • Simulation tool: NS-2
    • Emulation: Nisnet, dummynet
    • Testbed: TinyOS/mote, Netfilter


Date Content Note
2/22 Due to some time conflict, the class time will be changed. We will vote the new class time on the 25th. Please come to the class.  
3/18 The deadline 1-page project proposal is 3/25  
4/19 Professor Lan now stuck in Sweden, due to the recent Iceland's volcanic eruption. The class on 4/22 will be cancelled.  
4/23 The class on 4/29 will be cancelled, due to move labs.  
5/02 The class presentation order become to
5/06 Todd and Edger
5/13 Emily and 蔡婉萍
5/20 quiz
5/03 Please do the questionnaire system ( midterm ), thanks.  
5/14 We will postpone the quiz for one more week.
The presentaion will be advanced for one week.

15:10~17:00 quiz ; 17:10~18:00 class

6/11 The class on 6/17 will be cancelled. The final project presentation will be changed to 6/24.  
6/14 Please do the questionnaire system, thanks.  
6/23 6/24 The demo presentation will be started at 13:00.  
6/25 The final report deadline is the end of this month (6/30).