Instructor: Kun-chan Lan
(this course is offered in English)


  • Targeting audience: graduate students who are interested in pursuing research in networking.
  • Aim: introduce the whole process of an experimental research cycle from problem identification, proposing solution, experiment design, to finally evaluate the proposed solutions in the simulations or emulation.
  • We will cover basic techniques in experimental design, measurements, modelling and simulations. A number of tools frequently used in network research will be introduced.


  • Measurement strategies and techniques
  • Principles of network modelling
  • Fundamental of experimental design and
  • erformance evaluation
  • A collection of network research tools
    • Measurement tool: ping, traceroute, iperf
    • Collection tool: tcpdump, ethereal
    • Simulation tool: NS-2
    • Emulation tool: nisnet, dummynet, nse


  • Internet Measurement: Infrastructure, Traffic and Applications, Mark Crovella and Balachander Krishnamurthy, ISBN 0-470-01461-x


  • ns-2
  • Orbit Wireless testbed
  • PlanetLab
  • Emulab
  • Ping
  • Hping
  • Traceroute
  • Iperf
  • tcpdump
  • ethereal
  • tethreal
  • Nistnet
  • Dummynet
  • Internet Measurement Conference
  • Internet Research needs better model



  • Individual project (or 2 persons with the consent of the instructor)
  • Write-up
    • 1-page single-spaced proposal at the mid point of the semester
    • 6-page, 10-pt-font, single-spaced report by the end of final week

Suggested project topics:

  • Measure and model 3G/3.5G wireless network
  • Measure and model Skype network
  • Measure and model wireless sensor network
  • Measure and model P2P network
  • 802.11 Wardriving
  • Measure and model WiMax links
  • Measure and model Internet (or wireless) Game
  • Measure and model IPTV network
  • Measure and model social network (e.g. facebook)
  • or pick your own topic (with my approval)

Presentation list

Name Student ID Order Project topics
王滋農 Q56971025 1 Location Tracking for Indoor Environments Demo
李爭原 P76974571 2 Implementing the new striping mechanism for Multihoming Mobile-final
金大中 P76971379 3 Understand whether CSMA_CA introduce unfairness via measurements
林緯彥 Q56971075 4 Measure and Model Capacity of VoIP Traffic
林士颺 P78961299 5 Management and analysis for Civic Blvd in Taipei